Dental Fillings in San Antonio

Dental fillings are an integral treatment for repairing teeth damaged by tooth decay or cavities. Decay results from plaque buildup on the teeth which allows bacteria to eat away at the enamel and inner dentin, forming holes or lesions. Tooth fillings re-strengthen the tooth structure by removing the decayed material and impacted bacteria. The dentist then fills the cleaned-out cavity with a specialized dental material to seal and restore the tooth.

At Henwood Family Dentistry in San Antonio, Dr. Abusaid and Dr. Alankar, skillfully provide a range of filling solutions including composite resin, porcelain, and bonded gold fillings for long-lasting, pain-free results. Fillings not only stop decay from spreading, but they reinforce the remaining tooth structure and prevent further damage. They allow patients to comfortably chew, bite, and speak again without pain or sensitivity from the decay. Fillings are a critical dental treatment for repairing tooth decay and promoting oral health.

The Benefits of Dental Fillings at Henwood Family Dentistry, San Antonio, TX

Seamless, durable Dental Fillings that mimic natural teeth at Henwood Family Dentistry, San Antonio, TX.

Tooth Preservation: Fillings allow the remaining healthy portion of the tooth to be saved. This is optimal compared to extractions.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Today’s tooth-colored composite resin fillings match the shade of your natural teeth.
  • Restored Function: Once the decay is removed and filling placed, patients can comfortably chew and bite again.
  • Long-Lasting: Advanced dental materials like composite make fillings durable, often lasting 10-15 years or longer.
  • Prevention: A properly done filling prevents further decay and potential tooth loss down the road.

Why Choose Henwood Family Dentistry for Tooth Fillings?

With advanced training and years of experience performing fillings, Dr. Abusaid and Dr. Alankar are experts in decay removal and restoration. They use the latest techniques and materials like bonded composites for natural-looking, resilient fillings. Patient education and comfort are priorities, ensuring you have a smooth, relaxing visit.

Henwood Family Dentistry Services

In addition to dental fillings, services include:

  • Orthodontics
  • Invisalign
  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Teeth Whitening 
  • And more…
Strengthening teeth with Dental Fillings, preventing decay spread at Henwood Family Dentistry, San Antonio, TX.

Restore Your Smile Today

Those seeking exceptional restorative dental care and an experienced dentist in San Antonio can request an appointment with Dr. Abusaid and Dr. Alankar of Henwood Family Dentistry. 

During your appointment, they will thoroughly examine your tooth, recommend the optimal filling material such as natural-looking composite resin, and precisely perform the procedure to restore form and function to your smile.

You’ll leave with a perfectly matched, durable filling that looks and feels like your natural tooth. For personalized restorative dental care in San Antonio, entrust your smile to the skilled dentists at Henwood Family Dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of dental fillings available?

There are several options for filling materials based on factors like location, cost, strength, and aesthetics. Common types of dental fillings include:

  • Composite fillings – Tooth-colored fillings made of plastic and glass. Bonds to the tooth for a natural appearance.
  • Porcelain fillings – Glass-like material that matches the color of teeth. Durable and stain-resistant.
  • Gold fillings – Gold alloys mixed with other metals for strength and durability. Used less often today.
  • Glass ionomer cement – Translucent material made of acrylic and glass. Releases fluoride to prevent decay and not as long-lasting as composite fillings.
  • Temporary fillings – Short-term fillings like zinc oxide or Cavit. Replaced by a permanent filling later.

The dentist will discuss the best type of filling for your particular situation and needs.

Most fillings take 30-90 minutes depending on the extent of decay. Numbing and preparation take extra time.

Symptoms like pain, sensitivity, or visible decay indicate a possible cavity needing a filling. Exam and x-rays with our dentists can determine.

Avoid chewing on the filling for 24 hours. Brush gently and floss carefully around the area.

Temporary hot/cold sensitivity is common after a filling but usually fades within a few weeks.

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