Tooth Extraction in San Antonio

There are times when extracting a tooth is necessary to restore oral health and function. Tooth extraction in San Antonio may be required for various reasons, including severe tooth decay, injury, orthodontic treatment, gum disease, and to create space for dental implants. While we always try to save natural teeth first through fillings, root canals, crowns, and other care, sometimes removal is the best option to prevent further dental issues and restore your smile.

At Henwood Family Dentistry in San Antonio, TX, our experienced dental team provides skilled tooth extraction services as a last resort to remove infected, damaged, or problematic teeth when no other option remains. We offer both simple and surgical extractions depending on the situation. Simple extractions involve removing teeth that are visible in the mouth, while surgical extractions are needed for impacted or broken teeth. Our dentists use advanced techniques to perform extractions smoothly and comfortably.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Tooth Extraction?

Having an extraction performed expertly provides many benefits:

  • Relief from Pain and Discomfort – Removing infected, cracked, or damaged teeth alleviates associated pain.
  • Prevention of Further Complications – Extracting problem teeth prevents continued decay, gum infections, and other issues.  
  • Making Space for Orthodontics – Extracting overcrowded teeth allows proper alignment of remaining teeth.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Impaction and crowding make wisdom teeth prone to problems later if not removed timely.
  • Preparation for Dental Prosthetics – Removing badly damaged teeth makes room for dentures or dental implants. 
Alleviate pain with gentle Tooth Extractions at Henwood Family Dentistry, San Antonio, TX

Why Choose Henwood Family Dentistry for Tooth Removal?

Our San Antonio dentists, Dr. Abusaid and Dr. Alankar, have advanced skills to perform extractions smoothly and comfortably:

  • Advanced techniques – We use the latest evidence-based techniques for efficient, gentle extractions.
  • Precise tools – Our specialized instruments allow precise, minimally invasive extractions.
  • Anesthesia options – We offer anesthesia to keep you comfortable.
  • 3D imaging – Detailed 3D scans guide precise surgical planning.
  • Smooth healing – We review proper aftercare to speed healing and minimize complications.

Our Services:

  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Comprehensive Exams
  • Root Canals
  • Dentures  
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Extractions
Prevent decay and infections with strategic Tooth Extractions at Henwood Family Dentistry, San Antonio, TX.

Schedule Your Tooth Extraction in San Antonio

If a tooth is compromised from severe decay, injury, or other problems and cannot be saved through fillings, root canals, or crowns, prompt extraction by your dentist prevents more escalating issues. An impacted tooth that begins causing pain or crowding other teeth also often requires extraction for long-term oral health. Rather than waiting for a dental emergency, schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine if extraction is the right choice for a tooth that can’t be restored. Catching issues early while extraction is still an easy outpatient procedure can prevent the need for more complex extraction surgery later.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you need to extract your tooth? 

Severe decay, injury, impacted teeth, crowing, gum disease, infection, or preparation for orthodontics, dentures/dental implants are common reasons for extraction.

Recovery time varies from days to weeks depending on the type of extraction. We’ll provide detailed post-op instructions.

For teeth that can still be saved, we always explore options like root canals, gum treatments, crowns, and fillings before considering extraction.

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